Keep in mind that building relationships with journalists

The boilerplate on a press release provides information about the organization that issued the release. It might include the year of incorporation, line of business, area of service and other general information. Think of it as a two-to-three sentence “About Us” paragraph. Formatting your press release correctly ensures that journalists will recognize what it is and take it seriously.

Journalists can pick up press releases straight from the source (i.e. the company’s website or newsroom) and create a compelling story around it. Every business sees its fair share of highs and lows, and PR crises are part of that package. Undoubtedly, press releases are a good crisis communications tool. During and after a crisis, releasing a well-worded statement to news outlets at the right time can help companies rehabilitate their brand image. Every type of news release or press statement differs in content and the way it’s distributed.

Keep in mind that building relationships with journalists, bloggers and media outlets should also be at the center of your press release strategy. Pouring time and a bit of money into your press release program is a smart investment that makes good sense no matter the nature of your organization. Included on this page, you’ll find a wide variety of free press release templates, including a standard press release, event press release, social media press release, and more @

All press releases are structured in the same manner as a standard newspaper article. Information is presented in an inverted pyramid, descending in a logical order, from the most important to the least. It is an anti-climactic method of presenting the facts of a story and the most common approach to news reporting. It is not uncommon for press releases to be written up and reported without any follow-up with the sender – so make sure your release contains all the key details needed.

Using Google Drive or Dropbox is a great idea if you have a lot of assets to share and don’t have the option of hosting them straight on your newsroom. Take a look at some of the other PR tools you can use to make your comms run smoother. Check out IKEA’s media gallery that adds color to their partnership, IKEA x LEGO® – BYGGLEK. Ideally, upload an SVG file, which will scale to any size with zero loss of quality – especially important if you’re hoping to be covered by a print publication or a televised report. A good boilerplate has the most important company background information. Enterprise See how you can align global teams, build and scale business-driven solutions, and enable IT to manage risk and maintain compliance on the platform for dynamic work.

It’s important to craft the message in a way that appeals to the parents, even though they aren’t the target audience. Understanding the basic elements and format of press releases will take you far. Journalists are more likely to reward you with media coverage when the content you submit is structured to grab their attention. Even established enterprises that have steadily built up a presence need to lean on media outlets to push their news across.

Try to make all headings within the text roughly the same length. The main text of an article stands by itself; in other words, readers do not need to see the headline or subhead to understand the main text. Press releases and news always have a subhead, also called a subheadline or subtitle.

Following basic press release formatting guidelines will help you create a compelling release that journalists will take seriously. However, there may be special steps you can take to ensure that your press release also meets expectations in your industry. Check this list for your industry to find out what special considerations you should take when preparing your press release.

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