The Best Bath Caddies For Some Serious Me Time

It would help if you had a good bath tray to make your bath more enjoyable and comfortable. Keep all your bathing essentials within reach with these best bath trays. Size and special features come into play when figuring out what you can put on your bathtub tray. Start by looking at the length and the width of the tray to understand how much surface area you have to work with. This caddy from Yamazaki Home is very thin, but can still fit a bunch of stuff—including your tablet and some of your self-care items.

For whatever reason our product does not meet your expectations, simply return it within the guarantee term for an unconditional FULL REFUND. There are no questions asked. If you’d rather set your tray on a cart, an elegant marble option is exactly what you need for a luxurious bath. The CB2 White Marble Bath Caddy looks beautiful from the top, but along the sides you can see a messy seam where the two planks of marble meet. For the hefty price tag, we expected much better craftsmanship. At nearly 25 pounds, this tray is also much, much heavier than any other model we’ve tested—due to its being made of actual marble—and it’s very difficult to move around and adjust. When you add a few drops of this subtly sweet and woodsy essential oil to your bath, you’ll think you’re nestled in a grove of redwoods.

If a tray isn’t your style but you need somewhere to store extra bubble bath, loofahs, sponges and salts this wire caddy which slides onto the side of the bath is an ideal option. January 1, 2023 National Bath Safety Month – January Bathing is such a routine activity that we often neglect to take proper precautions. June 14, 2023 International Bath Day Bring out your bubble bath and enjoy a luxurious soak on International Bath Day.

If, like us, you’re a fan of lighting a scented candle, reading, or indulging in the occasional glass of wine while you’re relaxing, then bath trays can help keep everything to hand. This beech bath caddy has not one buttwowine glass holders at either end, for when the working day renders that necessary. For different reasons, you might choose to make a homemade bath tray instead of purchasing a pre-made one. To make a basic bathtub tray, you’ll need a few items like wood, a drill, a sanding tool, and some screws. Since you will use the tray around water, you’ll need to find water-friendly wood such as bamboo, white oak, cedar, or teak. click here

I’d keep an eye out for bathtub trays made out of plastic, stone, or even bamboo, as they are less porous and more able to resist soaking up water compared to hardwood. For a metal option that’s more glam than industrial, try a brass bath caddy—with a large main section and two side trays, there’s room to hold plenty of items. Our staffers mentioned a few other items that make staying in the bath more comfortable. Senior editor Marguerite Preston recommends getting a full-body bath pillow for your soak. “I bought this bath pillow on a whim early in the pandemic, and while I cannot claim it is perfect or the best of its kind, it absolutely changed my bath experience,” Marguerite said. A tub stopper that sits over your regular drain can also come in handy if your tub’s stopper leaks (or if your tub doesn’t have a stopper at all).

We were excited to test Anthropologie’s Angie Bathtub Caddy as an option for those who are looking for something decorative, but we were disappointed with the quality. The teak wood rapidly acquired water stains, and the brass ties fell out in our drop tests. This bath tray looks lovely and is easy to use, and it’s one of the most affordable models we tested. A well-designed bath tray should be easy to use and aesthetically pleasing enough that you don’t mind leaving it out.

It has space for your tablet (or book!), a wine glass, and your go-to bath essentials or spa items. This tech-friendly caddy would make a great gift for anyone who loves to binge their favourite series in the tub. There’s space to hold a phone and tablet, as well as their drink of choice. For an extra three pounds, you can personalise it with their name or a longer message.

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